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June 16, 2010 Guy Stuff

Men’s Underwear Repair Kit

Is your favorite pair of undies about to give up? Real men don’t do laundry-they fix it! Save its life with this repair kit! Say “no” to holes!

This complete underwear-repair toolbox provides all the necessary equipment. For all those guys out there who manage to keep underpants longer than relationships or who go underwear-shopping about as often as they willingly buy opera tickets (you know who you are), this is the perfect kit. Hilarious, quirky, completely original, it makes a better Father’s Day gift than yet another tie he won’t wear. The kit has all the essential underwear-repair power tools a man could need, including needle and thread, iron-on patches, 2 safety pins, an elastic waistband, duct tape, white-out, and a 32-page Instruction MAN-u-al that clearly demonstrates the ins and outs of proper maintenance and repair to turn that one pair into an ever-wear.

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