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June 22, 2010 Gadgets

Primo Battery Cube for Smart Phones

The PhoneSuit Primo Battery Cube is an ultra-compact rechargeable battery pack that can provide instant power to your Blackberry, Android based SmartPhone and more. The Cube features integrated Micro-USB and Mini-USB connectors to support new and legacy mobile phone charging standards. This allows the cube to be compatible with virtually all USB charged SmartPhones and Bluetooth devices including BlackBerry, Android based, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia SmartPhones and more.

Feature Highlights
– Powerful 1000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
– Integrated Micro-USB and Mini-USB charging tips to provide instant power to over 95% of SmartPhones.
– Cube features two input ports as well so it can be recharged by either a Micro-USB or Mini-USB cable.
– Charging tips rotate and lock into place allowing you to position the Cube for a comfortable feel while using your phone.
– Tips fold cleanly away in the back for protection when not in use.
– Extremely small size about one and half inches (40mm) in length and width
– Four-Point LED meter displays the remaining charge
– Includes one Micro-USB cable
– Detachable keychain loop
– Cube is also charge compatible with a large variety of Bluetooth headsets and USB powered electronic devices

The Cube Works With:
– Android based Phones
– Blackberry
– Samsung
– Motorola
– Nokia
– Over 95% of all SmartPhones

Pre-Orders for the Primo Cube are now being taken. The Cube will officially be available for shipping on July 12th. For more information and details visit Retail $39.95



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