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December 27, 2010 sports, style

Leather Head Handmade Football

How cool is this? A real football made to be caught and thrown by the regular guy. Unlike the official NFL issued footballs made for the broad and brawny hands of professionals, Leather Head footballs are built to fit roundly in the hand of a layman (that’s you). Excellent for throwing between friends, these footballs are handmade one at a time from start to finish.

The brainchild of a guy named Paul Cunningham who designs and handcrafts each ball; these handmade footballs are made from meticulously sourced materials including rawhide leather, nylon string, rawhide lace, and butyl rubber bladder. The entire ball is made by hand. Cunningham has a streamlined assembly process, but he describes his workshop as bearing “a closer resemblance to one from the 19th century than a modern factory.”

The quality for each football is consistent, but yet distinctive. Available via kaufmann Mercantile, the Leather Head footballs offered on their site are made exclusively for them with bright yellow contrast stitching against classic dark brown leather. Retail $115

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