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July 31, 2014 Advice

3 Common Training Injuries The Average Joe Suffers And How To Recover

Knee Injuries Running

Sports and exercises can result in injuries. This doesn’t mean that you should stop playing your favorite sports or stop exercising, it just means that you should be aware of the possible injuries and make sure not to over-work yourself. Most sport injuries consist of symptoms such as pain, swelling, stiffness and reduced movement in the injured area.

1. Football Injuries

The most common areas injured while playing football include the ankle, knee, shoulder, leg and head. A common injury to the knee is called ACL, meaning ‘Anterior Cruciate Ligament,’ involves one of four knee ligaments. Players often jolt suddenly which can tear one of the knee ligaments.

Hamstring injuries are another common injury among players. It is caused by stretching soft tissues such as muscle fibers too far, which results in a sudden sharp pain radiating from the back of the thigh.

2. Running Injuries

Inflammation of the tibia or sheath surrounding the bone is referred to as Shin Splints. This can be caused when a runner’s foot rolls too far inwards. Running on your toes or even wearing inadequate or poor footwear can lead to this type of injury.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS is when the knee flexes and extends while running, causing the IT band to rub against the femur. This syndrome can be caused by increasing mileage too quickly.

3. Gym Training Injuries

A Lumbar Disc Prolapse is one of the most common injuries suffered while training in the gym. Invertebrate discs are shock absorbers between the vertebrae and within each is a nucleus. If this becomes overloaded it can protrude out which results in nerve compression. Performing incorrect squats, deadlifts or kettle bell swings can lead to prolapsed lumbar disc, so make sure you do your exercises correctly.

When irritation arises at the point of the shoulder under the bone, shoulder impingement takes place. While there is around one centimeter of moveable space available for the tendons, this can become narrowed which results in irritated tendons. This can be caused from poor lifting techniques in the gym.

Using anabolic steroids can also increase the occurrence of gym and resistance training injuries. As muscles increase in size from the anabolic effects of androgens, ligaments and tendons are not strong enough or used to the elevated weights lifted. It is therefore suggested that athletes and bodybuilders sensibly lift progressively, stretch thoroughly and are hydrated before exercise.

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Obtaining an injury during exercise or sport is very common, but can be avoided quite easily by undergoing correct training. This can greatly lessen an individual’s chance of suffering from an injury related to sports or exercise.


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