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What NOT To Do In A New Relationship

March 2, 2011 Advice

Top 5 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Ex

Your Rebound or Current Girl Looks JUST Like Your Ex.

It’s OK to have a “type”. Maybe you just have a preference, but beware that you aren’t looking for your ex’s look-alike because you actually wish you were still with your ex.  Get real with yourself, guy.

You Talk About Her Non-Stop

It’s been months and still, somehow you haven’t stopped talking about her. It’s possible that you don’t even realize you’ve been bringing her up a lot. So test it out, the next time you mention her to your friends do they roll their eyes and throw their hands up? That’s not good. When you talk about your ex in front of your family, does your mother look concerned and ask if you’ve met anyone new? Yeah… not a good sign.

Stalker Much?

When you’re missing her a little bit do you immediately stalk her on Facebook? Do you randomly find yourself outside of her yoga class, just as she’s coming out? This is no bueno.

Sexy Memorabilia

It’s one thing to keep a picture of her, but look around your place and see how much of her “stuff” you still have hanging around. Still got pictures up? Is the tank top she left under your bed EXACTLY where she left it months before you broke up? Is her toothbrush still there? These are all signs you’re obsessed with your ex.

Special Place

How do you feel about the coffee shop you used to go to with her? When you drive by it, does your heart sink, to the point you feel like you should nuke the place? Will you never set foot in the door EVER again? Yeah… you’re obsessed.


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