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February 23, 2011 Advice

Top 3 Signs She’s Playing You

You know she’s into you. She gives you lots of love and attention when you’re together, but something is off about her behavior and you can’t quite figure it out. Maybe she’s playing you for a fool. Yes, women are known to be players too, you just have to look for the clues. Here are the top 3 signs she’s playing you:


She only wants to hang out at your place.

A woman that only wants to hang out at your place or insists on having super secluded dates is most likely worried that she’s going to be seen by someone else. There’s nothing wrong with romantic getaways, but if all she wants to do is get away, she’s probably running from something or someone.


Her Phone Game Is Hit Or Miss

If the girl you’re dating sends a bunch of sweet texts today, but disappears for 3 – she’s most likely up to something. She might be a busy girl, but if you were really on her mind – she wouldn’t drop off the face of the earth. She might be playing you.


Her Friends Have No Idea Who You Are

If a girl is truly into you, she’ll tell her friends about how amazing you are. In fact, they’ll know just about every physical detail about you. So, when you meet her friends, pay attention to how much interest they show in you. If they don’t ask you about yourself – they know you’re about to be out like trout.


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  2. Guest says:

    Let’s face it, she’s close friends with another guy.

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