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July 15, 2015 Gadgets

Combine Substance And Style With Basis’ Ultimate Fitness And Sleep Tracker

Basis Watch Titanium

Are you looking for the watch to end all watches? Didn’t think we noticed, did you? Think again. Never forget that girls prefer substance over style. If you can find a way to combine the two, that’s even better. Here’s a tip: Basis’ Peak Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker really is the ultimate smartwatch for your health. The device provides an in-depth look into your body and how it is performing. From workouts to sleep and beyond, Peak uses comprehensive fitness analysis and sleep analysis combined with smartwatch notifications to create this all-in-one device.

With many beneficial and highly advanced features, the possibilities are endless with this device. Most notably, the Peak Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker has 24/7 automatic fitness and sleep tracking. What this means is that you’ll get indispensable health guidance and information that is tailored to you. Real-time heart rate monitoring during exercise requires no awkward chest strap or additional gadgets. The BodyIQ feature automatically tracks your walks, runs, bike rides, etc. Automatic sleep detection tracks sleep stages, including REM/Deep/Light Sleep, as well as Toss and Turn sleep, to give you the most accurate understanding possible of your sleep quality. Smartwatch notifications allow you to send and receive (via alerts) calls, texts and emails from the convenience of your wrist. Automatic activity tracking gives you instant calorie credit for your exercises via dynamic calorie-burn calculation. The Healthy Habits System determines your daily goals and automatically adjusts your targets based on your progress, helping you to turn daily results and goals into action. All of these features come mobile-focused, as this smartwatch supports iOS and Android devices with wireless background syncing and upgrades. Add water-resistance and a battery life up of to four days, and you simply can’t go wrong.

Basis Watch Peak Bike

In this exceedingly visual world we live in, what’s on the inside counts just as greatly as what’s on the outside. Luckily, the Peak Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker doesn’t just have technologically superior inner-workings, it looks great too! With a forged aircraft-grade aluminum case, touch-screen display, a silicone strap and a magnetic charger, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for health while wearing this. And now, there are even more options for color. Earlier this year, Basis introduced a limited release Titanium Edition of the Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker, along with a new line of leather accessory straps. So in addition to the Matte Black/Black and the Brushed Metal/White options, there is officially a Titanium/Leather version as well. There really is something for everyone here.

Basis Watch Peak Time

You can pick up your Peak Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker at It retails for $199.99 for Matte Black/Black, $199.99 for Brushed Metal/White and $299.99 for Titanium/Leather.


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  1. […] watch that is also water proof and has all the bells and whistles. You may also want to invest in a Basis’ Peak watch if you are the sporty type, to help track your steps and more. We also recommend a Meister watch. […]

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