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May 11, 2011 WOMENkind

Amber Rose Covers King Magazine [Photos and Video]

Amber Rose King Magazine

Amber Rose recently sat down with King Magazine and the results were some sexy photos, a very sensual video, as well as a rather interesting interview where she discusses her thoughts on how she is perceived.

What do you think is the perception of Amber Rose?

I spoke to people, asking why do I constantly get ridiculed. Is it because I was a stripper?

Well that doesn’t help that perception much.

But they said, “No, people don’t care about that, it’s that they think that you’re with all these men, when you’re not.” I’m only taking that from certain people that I spoke to. Maybe it’s that too, or that I’m very comfortable with my body. I can be topless on Miami Beach, that doesn’t make me a whore. That’s an everyday thing on Miami Beach. It’s just such a big deal because I’m in the public eye.

Amber Rose King Magazine

For more excerpts from the interview visit King-Mag.com.


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  • Amber Rose King Magazine
  • Amber Rose King Magazine
  • Amber Rose King Magazine


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