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November 2, 2015 Guy Stuff

Simple Style Hacks Every Man Needs To Know

We are always skimming the web looking for interesting things to share with our readers. When we came across the “10 Simple Style Hacks” list compiled by D’Marge.com, we were sure you would find many of their tips helpful. All the hacks they offered were awesome, but we decided to highlight what we felt were the top 3 and at the very least most intriguing. We hope you find these hacks useful.

Style Hacks Jeans Freezer

#1 Maintain Your Denim By Freezing It

D’Marge: This one’s a controversial one that’s been floating around for a while but we reckon it does carry some substance given the CEO of Levi’s has discouraged throwing your jeans in the washing machine himself. Washing your jeans too often can degrade the natural color but not washing them is also a non-option (unless you like being that guy on public transport). Solution: whack it in the freezer overnight. It kills the odor causing bacteria and will help retain the denim’s natural dye. We still recommend you wash your jeans once every two months or so though depending on the frequency of wear.

Our thoughts: We aren’t sure if it really works, but if it does it’s genius. We do wonder though who has room in their fridge for jeans.

#2 Removing The Yellow Ring Around The Inner Collar

D’Marge: See that dreaded yellow stain on the inside of your white dress shirt collar? Those stains are common amongst men’s shirts and are often caused by a build up of sweat, dead skin and hair product. There’s no real shortcut way to fix this one other than to apply a lot of stain remover for whites and let it soak in real good. Apply it to the collar or yellow areas and leave it to set for ten minutes or a few hours depending on the stubbornness. Hand wash as normal and repeat the process using a toothbrush to rub in the stain remover each time. It’s called being domestimicated. Duh.

Our thoughts: There is nothing worst then an ungroomed man. If you are that dude who has a tendency to suffer from ring around the collar this hack is especially for you.

#3 Folding & Packing A Blazer Without Wrinkles

D’Marge: Consider yourself the stylish jet-setting man? This is a serious hack that will ensure your blazers make it half way across the world with you in your luggage without looking like Steve Tyler’s face when you pull it out. Inside-out is the key. Watch and learn, young Jedi.

Our thoughts: This tip is not just for men. For anyone who travels for business, please pay close attention to this tip. There is nothing worst than opening up your best carry-on luggage only to discover everything is wrinkled.

Did you know you can use ice to remove gum from clothes? We aren’t sure how and why a grown man would ever have gum on his clothes, but there is a hack to help you simply peel it off. To discover how as well as more style hacks, we encourage you to take the jump over to dmarge.com for their complete list.


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