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December 7, 2016 Gadgets, Guy Stuff

Noordung: The Ultimate Prototype Bicycle

Noordung Bike 4

It is quite an impressive anomaly for a niche product that isn’t even fully developed to garner so much attention and hype. And yet the Noordung Angel Edition has managed to do precisely that. Noordung is an innovative company with a revolutionary product concept, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Angel Edition is an exclusive, pre-production series of handmade, expertly crafted urban electric Noordung bikes. The exclusivity means that there are currently plans for only 15 of these bicycles to be produced and the pre-production means that these bicycles are prototypes. Let’s get into the specific features of this highly unique bicycle and explore this prototype concept further.

Noordung Bike 2

Superior design and ground-breaking engineering come together to create a product that provides the absolute finest user experience in the bicycle industry. Noordung is committed to the philosophy that commuting is about much more than just moving from one destination to another. Instead, it should be about the joy of the journey. This bike certainly has the features to prove that. A total weight of 15.6kg, one of the lightest electric bikes in the world, makes it comfortable and effortless for the consumer to transport. An ultralight motor that is invisibly built within the bike allows for more than a 30km range. State-of-the-art speakers deliver up to 100 hours of music that you can play directly from your phone. In fact, with this brilliant magnetic technology, you’ll be able to move these boombox speakers quickly, sans any hassle. Charging your computer, tablet, phone, or other devices is easy as can be, thanks to USB connectors. The ability to help you find and utilize the most eco-friendly routes makes traveling healthier for yourself and the environment. It’s quite obvious why this bike is so fascinating.

Noordung Bike 2 3

The Angel Edition is based on Noordung’s second N-02 prototype. This means that it is technically not a finished product. Prototypes don’t have all of the necessary properties of a final product, and some of the components aren’t fully tested or certified yet. This does not mean that Noordung let’s quality and safety fall by the wayside. On the contrary, the bicycles are made with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Furthermore, all of the components are sufficiently tested and certified. This prototype will be sold to 15 lucky consumers, with the potential for them to become esteemed investors, for 8,000 euros ($8,545.36 in U.S. dollars).

Noordung Bike 5

Venturing into new realms of technology and innovation is an extraordinarily exciting occurrence that everyone should take advantage of whenever the opportunity arises. The Noordung Angel Edition bicycle could be just that opportunity for you or someone you know. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these high-tech bikes with all its fancy features, don’t forget to pick up some new motorcycle apparel. After all, you must ride in style if you’re on a Noordung Bike. For more information, please visit the company website at

Noordung Bike


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