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April 27, 2020 Travel

Travel Time: Where to Go Once You’re Finally Allowed Out of Your House Again

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All right, time for some truth: we’re all stuck inside for the next few weeks or even months. We can thank the coronavirus outbreak for our cabin fever. It’ll end eventually, hopefully, and by that time we’ll all be ready for a nice, long walk; it doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s out of the house! But there’s no reason to wander aimlessly, though. We’ve got three great places to visit that will be perfect for a late summer or early fall vacation. Here’s something to look forward to until then!

Escape #1: The Napa Valley

Just north of San Francisco, California’s Napa Valley is drop-dead gorgeous. With its rolling hills festooned with some of the best wineries in the country, if not the entire world, it’s the perfect place to get some nice, fresh air, take in the warm sun, and revel in the dozens of different restaurants and hotels just waiting to cater to your every need. Talk about luxury relaxation!

Escape #2: Naples, Florida

Looking for something just a little more lively? The Gulf Coast town of Naples, Florida fits the bill to a T. This is an upscale shopper’s paradise thanks to Naples Pier, and the beaches of Naples are as famous for their sugar-white sands as they are for the number of dolphins and other marine mammals that like to cavort just offshore. There’s a reason they call this stretch of Florida the Paradise Coast!

Escape #3: South Carolina Beaches

Want more than just a little stretch of sand to enjoy? Well, how about 60 miles of gorgeous coastline? That’s exactly what South Carolina’s breathtaking beaches have in store for you. Beach resorts, waterparks, the kind of golfing opportunities you’d give your best set of drivers for, and the kind of Southern hospitality at restaurants and entertainment venues you have to see to believe. South Carolina’s beach country will have you kissing those quarantine blues goodbye before you know it.


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