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August 19, 2010 Guy Stuff

Plastic Surgery Stats: Will You Ever Touch A Real Boob Again?


Plastic surgery isn’t taboo like it used to be, that’s for sure!  Some men even prefer a plastic chick to a nature-made girl. Yes, it’s true. But the reality is that more of you dudes are turning to plastic surgery to “fix” a few problem areas yourself!

Here’s a look at the 2009 Plastic Surgery stats – What do they say about your likelihood to ever touch a real boob again? Let’s see.

1. The top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2009 were:

breast augmentation (311,957 procedures)

liposuction (283,735procedures)

eyelid surgery (149,943 procedures)

rhinoplasty (138,258 procedures)

abdominoplasty (127,923 procedures)

2. What Do The Women Represent?

Women had over 9 million cosmetic procedures, over 90% percent of the total procedures in 2009.

3. The top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2009 were:

breast augmentation (311,957 procedures); liposuction (283,735procedures); eyelid surgery (149,943 procedures); rhinoplasty (138,258 procedures); and abdominoplasty (127,923 procedures).

4. What About the Fella’s?

Men had over 900,000 cosmetic procedures, over 9 percent of the total.

5. The top five surgical procedures for men were:

Liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast reduction to treat enlarged male breasts, and hair transplantation.

6. How Much Doc?

Americans spent almost $10.5 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2009

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