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August 17, 2010 Guy Stuff

Top 5 Unusual And Possibly Awesome Things You Can Buy On Ebay

5. Liquid Ass
You’d expect to find novelties on Ebay, we suppose, but there’s a big difference between fake puke, old school spy cameras and something called LIQUID ASS. It’s fart spray that’s guaranteed to clear the room and at $2.69 it can be yours!


4. Glow Stick Party Kit
I don’t know what’s more interesting – that someone took the time to sell this on Ebay, that someone would go to Ebay to find something like this… or that an entire glow stick party kit exists, complete with necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, bunny ears headpiece and more. Actually, this is pretty awesome! Must. Bid. Now.


3. Haunted Witch’s Male Enhancement Sex Spell Ring
OK. That’s a lot of words to say what? If you wear this haunted ring, your penis will get bigger and you will have more sex… if you wear the ring. Which is haunted. And on sale on Ebay.

2. Glutimax
If you rub this magical miracle salve on your girl’s butt, it will grow and grow and grow! Muahahahaha…

1. Bacon Balm $4.88
Now who doesn’t want their lips to smell and taste like bacon? Seriously, who doesn’t want that? The only downside we can see to this one, is that you’ll most likely be licking your lips all day, which defeats the purpose of wearing lip balm to begin with. Vegetarians, no worries, there’s pickle lip balm too… dill flavored.

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