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April 11, 2011 Guy Stuff

The Man Cave Book

What separates a man from a boy? According to the authors of a handy little new book it’s The Man Cave! 

Boyhood Fort          vs.           Man Cave

Who’s allowedNot girls—they have cootiesNot women—they have authority
Primary materials used in constructionWood, stuff your mom doesn’t wantParticleboard, stuff your wife doesn’t want
Key activities insideGoofing around, avoiding responsibilityGoofing around, avoiding responsibility
Peak periods of useAfter school, weekendsAfter work, weekends
Slumber parties with buddies?YesNo
Food and beverages consumedGoofing around, avoiding responsibilityGoofing around, avoiding responsibility
Key activities insideSoda and unhealthy snacksBeer and unhealthy snacks


In a nutshell you can learn everything you need to know about building your own man cave with The Man Cave Book.  Available at Amazon. Retail $8

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