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July 5, 2011 Guy Stuff

The F*cking Word of the Day iPhone App


Today’s word is “flagitious” pronounced [fluh-JISH-uhs]; an adjective meaning disgracefully or shamefully criminal.

Example when used in a sentence: Three hundred for a blow job? That price is flagitious, even for a woman with no teeth.

Are you interested in learning more words like this? Well, don’t fret there is an App for that which will improve your lexicon one f*cking word at a time.

Taking the concept of The Word of the Day, the creators of “The F*cking Word of the Day” are putting a new spin on an old favorite. They believe things are easier to learn when it involves sex, drugs, and f*cking swearing. Why? Because “we’re interested in that sh*t.” Taking the word “fecund” which means capable of producing offspring or vegetation, fruitful, and prolific, they use it in a sentence as it applies to real life. Example when used in a sentence: Octomom’s vagina is marvelously fecund.

Now aren’t you much more likely to remember the word “fecund?”


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