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November 18, 2012 sports

Brad Keselowski Drunk On ESPN SportsCenter After Winning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series [Video]

Brad Keselowski NASCAR Miller Lite Sprint Cup

The final race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was not as exciting as last weeks Clint Bowyer And Jeff Gordon fight at the Phoenix Racyway, but there were some highlights including a very “buzzed” Brad Keselowski. The race was expected to be a battle between Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski. With Jimmie forced out the race with 53 laps to go, Brad Keselowski went on to take the checker flag and was crowned the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.

Jimmie Johnson came up short, but he definitely gave it all he had and left everything on the track. Thanks to a missing lug nut and some unexpected smoke, Jimmie saw his dreams all but disappear as he was sidelined with mechanical problems. Brad went on to claim his first Sprint Cup Series championship and became the third driver to win the Sprint Cup Series in their third season. In true Brad Keselowski fashion, he tweeted from his car as soon as the race was over.

Brad Keselowski NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tweet Twitter

A little over an hour after driving into victory lane, Brad gave a rather awkward interview with a very large glass filled with Miller Lite beer. Let’s just say Brad celebrated a bit too much with his sponsor. Check out the video below to see a comical and drunk Brad.

VIDEO: Brad Keselowski Wins Sprint Cup Title Recap

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VIDEO: Brad Keselowski Talks Championship and Ray Lewis

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VIDEO: Brad Keselowski Drinks Miller Lite and Claims That He Is “Buzzed”

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  1. Bsd59 says:

    He was trashed by the time David Despain interviewed him, embarrassing but funny.

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