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How To Boost Your Wifi Signal With A Beer Can

December 17, 2012 Guy Stuff

How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With A Beer Can [Video]

How To Boost Your Wifi Signal With A Beer Can

Yes, you can boost your Wi-Fi with a beer can. According to HackCollege.com, when things get dire with your internet connection it’s time to pop a cold one and try what they coined the beer trick.

Here are 6 easy steps:

Step one – drink beer.
Step two – clean out beer can.
Step three – pop off the pull tab and use a utility knife slice off the bottom of the can.
Step four – do the same thing to the top, this time leaving about one inch attached right in front of the drinking hole.
Step five – with a good pair of scissors, cut straight down the back of the can, so it opens up like a sheet of paper.
The last step is to thread your router’s antennae through the hole of the can, opening the rest of the can out wide – it works best if you secure the can with some adhesive. Now, enjoy two extra bars of connectivity.

For those that didn’t make it past step one, here is a handy video to watch.


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