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September 25, 2012 sports

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Greg Jennings Old Spice Commercial [Video]

Greg Jennings Old Spice Commercial

While the replacements refs may have cost Green Bay Packers bettors between $150 and $250 million on that controversial interception/touchdown call during the now infamous Monday night game, Packers WR Greg Jennings is winning…in the bed that is. On the heals of finishing with six catches in the disputed Green Bay vs. Seahawks “Hail Mary” game, Greg Jennings has a new Old Spice commercial showing him in the bed with the beautiful KD Aubert. As KD Aubert lays in the bed with Greg Jennings, he reads a book and states, “a wise man once said never mix business with pleasure” while he runs across an NFL field. Yeah, you read that write. You have to watch the commercial to understand.

[jwplayer mediaid=”15328″]


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