Who’s That Girl: Candace Rae

February 14, 2010 unplugged tv

Heather Hosts Mankind Unplugged TV

Each week Mankind Unplugged TV will bring you video recaps of the most popular stories that were posted on MankindUnplugged.com as well as from around the web. If you weren’t able to figure it out by now, Heather is our lovely host. For those that didn’t read Heather’s mini bio posted prominently on the right side of our home page, or for those who just didn’t bother to look at it, Heather is pretty busy. When she is not lending her sense of humor to Mankind Unplugged, she is going on auditions, trying to land the next big role as an actress, making funny cartoon voices, teaching little girls how to play basketball, or taking pictures. With all that, we are just glad to have her and hope you enjoy her weekly commentary.

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