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March 23, 2010 Guy Stuff

The Campus Socialite Presents: “The Adventures of”


The adventures of ChatRoulette continue… with The Campus Socialite that is! You knew it wouldn’t be long before someone took to YouTube with a funny video about the next big thing in social networking which happens to be ChatRoulette.

If you are not familiar with it head over to and get acquainted… with a stranger that is. I first tried ChatRoulette about two weeks ago after a good friend told me all about meeting a guy in Russia while playing around on the site. Personally, I think the concept is cool, but I never seem to have much luck when I sign on. I either catch kids playing around or men PLAYING AROUND if you know what I am saying. Regardless of what you are looking for, I think ChatRoulette is worth a quick adventure. If nothing else, make sure to check out the adventures of our friends over at The Campus Socialite.


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