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November 24, 2010 WOMENkind

Who’s Hotter: The Celeb Mother Daughter Edition

It’s really unfair to compare women that have a 10 year or more age gap between them. When you’re talking looks, we know that most men go for the younger woman. But knowing that the tides are changing a little bit (Ashton with Demi Moore, shows like “Cougar Town”, etc), maybe the time is right to do a celebrity mother daughter comparison, to see who you think is hotter. I’m a little sick to my stomach, but let’s go!


Who’s hotter Bristol or her mama Sarah?


Who’s it gonna’ be, Lindsay or her great role model of a mother Dina?


They both seem like sweethearts: Kate Hudson or Goldie Hawn?


Which Hilton is hotter? Kathy or Paris?


Will it be Miley or Mom?


Who’s hotter, Rumer Willis or her hot mama Demi Moore?


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