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April 16, 2010 Guy Stuff

Is The Body A Canvas?


I have found there are two types of people when it comes to tattoos. There are those people that have tattoos and those that don’t. Rarely do I ever find people that have tattoos that don’t want more and often these are the people that end up with the dumbest tattoos. Just look at the photo above. Yeah, that’s Brittany Spears during her crazy days… and clearly the person who sports this tat was having a crazy day when he or she got it.

Below is just a snippet of how Amanda (friend to Mankind Unplugged) feels about getting needles stuck in her skin. I encourage you to take the jump over to The Campus Socialite to see more crazy photos and to read her full take on tattoos including picking out the design and going through with it.

I love getting needles put in my skin for a few hours now and then. Whether it be a piercing (temporary) or a tattoo (forever) the pain is worth it. I always think it’s funny when people ask me if it hurts. I would say yes, having someone stick needles into my body does pinch a little.

Tattoos are addicting. Like cigarettes, your body craves more…well for most people it does. The funny part is that we forget what the pain is like. When you go back for more, you remember why the fuck you told yourself never to go back. I always find it humorous when I hear about people that cry during their tattoo session. I mean, yeah it hurts like a bitch, but the pain is not like breaking an arm. It is more like FUCCKKKKKKK, if you know what I mean.


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