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April 16, 2010 Guy Stuff

“Mother F*cker, I’m Awesome” – Spose


Could newly signed Universal Republic artist Spose be the next Vanilla Ice of our times? How about a white version of Fat Lip from Pharcyde or maybe the new Will Smith? After all, this guy definitely delivers the humor with ‘I’m Awesome’ and his DJ displays some Jazzy Jeff ‘like’ scratching.

All bull sh*t aside, this guy definitely is no Eminem, but he just may be on to something. Hailing from the ‘mean streets’ of Wells, Maine and delivering catchy punch lines such as “mother f*cker I’m awesome,” “I’m driving round in my moms ride” and “all my writtens are bitten and all my verses are perches,” if nothing else expect Spose to get some video play.


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