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April 16, 2013 Guy Stuff

According To Drake ‘Girls Love Beyoncé’ [New Music]

Drake Girls Love Beyonce

All men love Beyoncé, right? Have you ever asked yourself why do girls love Beyoncé so much? Beyoncé has often been refereed to as a “bad b*tch” in the most flattering way, but why all the love? Beyoncé is beautiful, talented, and that body of hers is something to smile about. Washboard abs and an hourglass figure what else could you ask for? If you are still looking for something not to like about Beyoncé good luck. If you are still pondering the question why do girls passionately love this chick, rapper Drake decided he was the best man to answer the question.

The near fatal attraction that many girls seem to have for the curvy singer is something like a phenomenal and right now she seems to be running the world according to what has affectionately become known as Beyoncé stans. Beyoncé fanatical stans are the worst of all. If you don’t believe us just ask R & B singers Keri Hilson and Keisha Coles who have all suffered the wrath of the BeyHive. After listening to Drake’s new track which features James Fauntleroy and samples lyrics from “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child, it’s safe to assume that the BeyHive would approve. What do you think?


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