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September 3, 2010 Advice

The First 6 Things a Girl Notices in a Guy


I am sure most of you guys want to know what is the first thing a girl notices about you right? Some of you may even wonder what you can do to get a girl to notice you. For those that are clueless, here is a hint. Girls notice EVERYTHING including your teeth, eyes, muscles, shoes, eyes, nose, laugh, and yes we notice your fingernails. A few of the things we notice first include:

Swag (or confidence):
One of the big deal-sealers for a girl is when a guy has confidence. Nowadays you can’t listen to a new song on the radio without hearing something about “swag”.. he’s gotta have it, she’s gotta have it, but what is IT? Swag is confidence. It’s owning the room you walk into. As always, don’t misconstrue swag with cockiness, because that will turn a girl off just as quick as your swag turned her on. So whatever you look like, however you dress, whoever you’re with.. own it. Be confident and secure about yourself and she’ll be impressed, because nothing’s worse than an insecure guy begging for reassurance.

Above all other things, he’s gotta have a personality. You can be the spitting image of a Calvin Klein model, but for you to really stick out to a girl you have to be able to hold a conversation… or at least be able to make her laugh. So even if you have every other quality in this list working for you, this one is a must. So crack some jokes, make her laugh and most of all make her feel comfortable, it will definitely pay off in your favor.

Just like the way you notice how a girls ass looks in jeans, girls notice the way you’re ass looks too. Or the way your chest looks in that beater, or the way that striped polo looks absolutely ridiculous with those checkered shorts. Basically if you’re trying to make a good first impression, take a look in the full-length mirror and make sure you’re outfit matches and is flattering to your best assets before you head out the door.

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