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September 21, 2010 Advice

3 Types Of Women You MUST Date Before You Die

Any Stripper From San Diego

If you have not had a relationship with a stripper from San Diego then you are missing out on the hottest,  most low-maintenance, non-exclusive relationship of your life.

There are a lot of strippers out there, but the finest ones live in San Diego and commute to Vegas for work. The best way to secure a first date with one, is flying first class from San Diego to Sin City on a Friday afternoon. Don’t worry, however the seating assignments roll, she will be plenty hot. Why San Diego?

This is not your average stripper pool:

  • She probably also has a day job as a Realtor
  • She knows how to carry herself and can totally attend dinner parties with your Republican friends or parents and actually have something to talk about
  • She is a fine piece of ass.

In summary – girlfriend experience meets stripper body without the responsibilities of a real relationship. You could stop reading here and enjoy the other cool thing about San Diego strippers: there’s an endless amount of them!

OR further enrich your life by dating the next 2 types:

The Vegetarian That Was Not Raised Vegetarian

Vegetarians that were raised vegetarian are brainwashed, but a girl who became vegetarian on her own has sifted through all the bullshit and has become a really cool girl. Her profound level of sanity will rub off on you. All you have to do is stick with her for six months. It takes the first 3 months for you to let go, and the next 3 to see the benefits. After that, you can dump her.

A Hot Brazilian Who Recently Moved To America

It’s important that she lives in America because you won’t feel completely like a fish out of water, and if she has made her way to the U.S. she is “extrovert Brazilian”.

You’ll have so much fun going out. It’ll be:

  • dinners every night
  • parties every night
  • sex at the night
  • sex in the morning
  • really sexy naked naps
  • and spontaneous trips to Brazilian places in your neighborhood you had no idea existed.

You’ll have a lot of fun conversations about idealistic things to do tomorrow. The moment you show signs of laziness, she’s gonna’ dump you. So just think of it as a sprint without a finish line and when you get tired, just stop and she’ll go away.


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