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October 15, 2010 Advice

Is She Faking It? Her Smile That Is…


Have you ever wondered whether her smile is real, or if she’s just being polite? She looks at you, smiles, you feel the connection – but is that moment genuine? There are about 50 different types of smiles, ranging from the Twisted Smile to the Tight Lipped smile and beyond. Unless you have a particularly deep interest in learning all of them, you should only really concern yourself with one thing: is the smile you’re witnessing the real deal or a fake?


Spotting a Fake

Fake smiles tend to only include the mouth, with little to no actual emotion in the eye area.

Oblong Smile

Oblong smiles are not the real deal and are usually done out of politeness or courtesy. How do you spot it? The lips will be drawn fully back from both the upper and lower teeth. This action creates an oblong shape in the mouth, hence the name.

A Real Smile

When positive emotions are building up, they travel up from the mouth into the rest of the face and definitely into the eyes. Look for crinkling around the corners of the eyes. Look for happiness in the upper half of the face. Check out the black and white picture above and study the look in her eyes in the picture furthest to the right. All the proof is there.


Go out into the world and watch people as they meet and shake hands. Watch boyfriends and girlfriends having a conversation. Can you spot when she’s being real with her eyes? Keep practicing by watching others and you’ll start to see the small changes in people’s faces. Soon, you’ll be a master smile reader !


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