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October 13, 2010 Advice

A Bedroom She Won’t Want To Leave


Believe it when we say that women are aroused by the entire experience of being with you. Hot sex should be enough to make her come back for more… but what will make her linger, assuming of course – that’s what you want? Women are turned on by all their senses, luxurious feelings sheets, fresh, scented candles, spa-like rugs. That’s the kind of bedroom a girl wants to play around in.  So why not play the odds, that when she wakes up in the morning she’ll most likely to stick around for another round if your bedroom is more like a high end hotel. Here are some options to try:


The Bed

Super soft, crisp sheets = stay in bed all day and play. Most people think the higher the thread count of a sheet, the softer it is. This can be the case, although, if a sheet is made with a high quality cotton, such as Egyptian Pima Cotton, you don’t need it to be 1000 thread count- 600 will work just fine.

The sexiest and softest sheets we’ve found are from Between The Sheets (how appropriate). They are super high-end and pricey, but if you join their email list, they have sales where you can snag the most sexy-fied sheets for 30-40% off.

Frette is a great quality sheet that any babe with good taste will enjoy laying in. It’s not cheap but definitely worth every cent for the sleep (or not sleep), experience it’ll bring. Believe it or not you can find Frette at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, or check Frette out here.


Candles don’t have to be froofy, surely you know this by now. There are tons of masculine scented candles, with handsome designs, that’ll fit right into your life-style and turn her on. Yes, scent is part of seducing a woman. Think about your body’s chemistry, the pheromones you naturally gave off that got her in bed are real. Why not up the fragrance ante, by making your bedroom smell delicious?

Dayna Decker $64


Legacy by Veriglass candle $11


Mirrors & Rugs

Mirrors are great for sightseeing while love making, but they’re also great for lingering around in a bedroom. If you position a great standing mirror strategically, your lady friend can admire herself, while she luxuriates in your soft sheets.

Rugs, whether you realize it or not, add another layer to the soft textures of your bedroom. They also make a girl more comfortable. The more comfort she feels, the longer she’s likely to stay. Yay!


Find great standing mirrors from every price point at CB2, Room&Board,  and lower end options at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Happy snuggling.

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