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October 21, 2010 Advice

Top 4 Girlfriend Criteria


What makes a woman girlfriend material? If you haven’t thought about it, because you’re too busy sowing your man seeds with tons of chicks, maybe you should. Would you know how to spot a winner if she came along?  Here are the top 4 criteria that make a girl, girlfriend material.

She Has Her Own Friends

If a woman doesn’t have her own friends it could be a bad sign. Most people in general that don’t have friends can be very dependent on their partners, which places a lot of stress on the relationship. If your girl doesn’t have friends, it could be a sign that she might not be all the way right in the head or has a hard time maintaining relationships. Either way, it’s no bueno.  If you found a girl with a healthy social life, that’s a good thing.

She Ambitious

All human beings should have an ambition in life, whether that’s a proper career, or a cause they’re promoting. It just needs to be something that shows passion and commitment. The last thing you want is a non-motivated woman. You’ll respect her more if she’s got something going for her.

Good Home Training

Women are not animals that need to be trained, so you know where I’m going with this. A woman with great manners, consideration for others and was raised to comport herself with class, is priceless. Even if you’re an animal, you’ll be better for having her around as an example.

She Has Healthy Habits

This kinda’ speaks for itself, but it must be emphasized, because a lot of guys ignore this in a potential mate. Your girl should have healthy habits. It doesn’t matter how hot she is now, if she eats terribly – you’ll both be down in flames.


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