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October 27, 2010 Advice

How To Get In Good With Your Girl


If you have a steady girlfriend and want to keep her yours, what do you do? Obviously, she likes you for many reasons and you should keep being yourself.  Whatever worked for you in the beginning, keep up the good work. But how do you keep her falling in love with you all over again?

Do something for her that’s really for her.

The Massage

Guys, when you offer your girl a massage to relax her, it would be nice if that’s all it was. Admit it, usually when you offer a massage it leads to sex. How could you help yourself, right? But, try giving her a massage only for the purpose of relaxing her. She’ll appreciate the gesture. Foot massages always work.

Her Gift

When you buy her a dress, is it something you want to see her in, or is it something she would like to see herself in? There can be a big difference.  In fact, a lot of women admit to dressing differently for their guys, than they do when going out by themselves. Even if you don’t understand harem pants but she loves them!  If you want to get in good with your girl, give her something that SHE wants.  She’ll be impressed that you’ve paid attention to her taste and that you have an eye.

Do Something New

Women’s magazines are always giving girls advice on things they can do with their men to keep the interest going. Here’s the biggest tip they hear, and it’s one you should take to heart: DO SOMETHING NEW.  Take her on an adventure she’s never been on. It would even be better if it’s something new to the both of you. You’ll be proud of each others effort and exhilarated.

Let Her See You Work

Now this tip is based on the notion that women like to see men work. Whether you invite her to your job, where she can see you in action – managing a team, leading a workshop, or you are just handy around the house…  let her see you work. Women are into a man that is good with his hands. Sound like an antiquated notion? Maybe. But there’s something to an individual that is productive.


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