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May 19, 2017 Advice, Food + Drink

5 Things To Give Up To Keep Your Relationship

There comes a time in any relationship where you start to wonder if they could be “the one”. When that particular moment hits you realize that there are a few things you do that get under your partner’s skin. It is at that moment that you come to the crossroad and have to make a decision; do you give these traits and habits up? Or do you let your partner go?

So what five things should you absolutely give up to prove to your partner you are serious about them?

5. Give up Being Mr. Right – All the Time

For some people, pride is a big burden to carry. This is especially true when you in the middle of an argument and can’t seem to convince the other person how wrong they are. Well, unfortunately, if you can’t step down and let your partner win, you may end up alone. Being right all the time is one of the biggest deal breakers when it comes to relationships. If you are serious about your partner, you should be serious about their feelings as well as your own.

That is why compromising is so important for a relationship to last. You have to know what battles to fight. And if you are constantly fighting to be right all the time, you are going to end up the loser.

4. Short-term Thinking

In the beginning of the relationship, it might have been fun to throw the chips up and see where they land. But now that the relationship has gotten beyond fun and games, it is time to put aside childish thoughts and start thinking about the future.

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Many people don’t realize that they are stuck in a short-term relationship until it is too late. There comes that moment when one of you will ask the other “where is this going?” and if you don’t have the answer, you are S.O.L. No one wants to be just a fling for their whole life. They want stability and someone they can count on. If you know in your gut that your partner is who you want in the foxhole when all hell breaks loose, then lose the short-term thinking and start preparing for a life together.

3. Bad Habits

Are you a gamer who stays up late at night ignoring the phone? Or maybe you are horrible with money and can’t seem to balance a checkbook. Are you so someone who frequents your local casino as opposed to discretely playing online? These little habits may not seem like much to you, but to your partner, they could be. That is why it is important to communicate with your partner and find out what their pet peeves are before getting in too deep. Because once you are in over your head, these little annoyances start to look like the Grand Canyon. It is best to know up front what will irritate your partner so down the road, you can work on it.

2. Immaturity

It is all fine and dandy to be the funny guy or gal. It’s okay to pick on your partner when it is all in good fun. But when the years start flying by and you are still cracking the same jokes you did in middle school, there is going to be an issue. Your partner deserves someone who will take them seriously, yet still, have fun. So lose the whoopee cushion and grow up a little. Your partner deserves to have the stability and confidence that not everything they say will turn into a “your momma” joke.

1. Ego

Not everything will be peaches and cream. Relationships are hard, they require work and understanding. If you can’t get over your ego, or you can’t let go of that grudge then you are doomed. Your ego is the number one thing that could make or break your relationship. As long as you understand that it takes two people to make things work, you have a shot at keeping your relationship strong.


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