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The Smoking Butt!

January 3, 2011 Guy Stuff

Spoil Yourself, Rent A Girlfriend!

Need a rent-a-girlfriend? There is an app website for that! No, really!

According to if you are:

Tired of being alone? You want to meet a soul mate but dating sites are inconclusive? Want to have someone (all) near you to pamper yourself and who coo?

Tired of the routine with your wife? You want to get away?

You do not like your son’s girlfriend? You want it back on track?

Tired of going to the family meal without a girlfriend at present?

If you are wondering what services and options you can buy take a look at the four options available.

The website claims that this is legal and that this revolutionary concept will allow you, without leaving your home, to “rent the most beautiful creatures!” Of course this website is based in Europe because as we all know in America, the concept is called “prostitution!”


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