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March 17, 2011 Gadgets

Conair i-Stubble

From Hollywood to your favorite neighborhood hangout, take note of the must-have look for men — sexy scruff. It’s not prickly, unkempt facial hair, but a sexy “designer” stubble that attracts approving glances from us girls whenever you’re around. And one of the best ways we found to get the look? With the Conair for Men i-Stubble, the hottest new tool for a man’s hands yet. It features 15 ultra-precise settings, a floating contouring head, and clean, sharp edged blades so you’ll master the rugged trendy look in no time. Though we shared other secrets with you (4 Women’s Beauty Secrets For Men), you’ve got this one all to yourselves! It’s a look Robert Downey Jr., Dwayne Wade, and other heavyweights use to look their best, so be one of those well-groomed men we love.

The i-Stubble is so new that it’s not even on store shelves yet. Lucky for you, Mankind Unplugged had an exclusive opportunity to review it for you. Now that you know what it can do, make sure to pick one up when it hits the store and transform your look from drab to fab!


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