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March 23, 2011 WOMENkind

Bikini Babes Through The Decades

Ah, the bikini babe, object of desire, fantasy maker, and sign of the times (in terms of how prudish they are). Whether made of wool, yes wool, in the 1910’s or synthetics in the 1990’s, bathing suits have come a long way and are definitely worth taking a look back on. Enjoy this bikini babe gallery throughout the decades!

1910’s – The bathing suit as a dress.

1920’s – Swimwear was more about sports wear and style was very ladylike.

1930’s – Showing way more leg than the days of ‘yore.

1940’s – Feminine styles accentuating the woman’s body more and more. Notice how each boob has it’s own pocket!



1970’s -The bikini finally becomes more like the ones we know now.


1990’s – Remember the high-waisted bikini look? Kelly Bundy anyone?


2010’s – Any and everything goes including exotic prints and the Brazilian cut.


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