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7 Things You Do That Make You Look Shady

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April 25, 2012 Advice

6 Things You Should Never Do On Dates

6 Things You Should Never Do On Dates

Have you ever gone on a date, felt like you had a good time, but then sat and wondered why she never replied to your calls afterward? It may be because you committed some dating no-no’s. So take a little expert advice from a MAN’S point of view, courtesy of author and dating expert Alex Matlock, and next time you have a lovely evening with an attractive lady, be sure you to avoid these frequently made, stupid mistakes.

Getting wasted

Alcohol helps loosen people up and gets them talking to one another. That’s a good thing. However, when you have too much to drink you start talking about stupid stuff, you wobble your hands around, you may spill her drink, etc. Apart from how sad that is in itself, it also makes you look insecure or even worse, like an alcoholic.

Next time you go out, keep an eye on your alcohol intake. If you’re one of those people who don’t know when to stop, don’t drink at all!

Talking about your ex

Okay, so your ex was a total bitch. She cheated on you, left you for your best friend, kicked your dog, whatever. Now let me ask a question, do you really think the girl you’re out with really cares about your ex? I’ll answer that for you – NO.

Women find this disturbing. Even if you think or say otherwise, it clearly shows you’re NOT over your ex. With so many guys around, no girl needs a guy with ex-girlfriend issues.

Checking out other women

You’re on a date, so focus! Roaming eyes tell a girl you’re not very interested in her or that you don’t find her attractive since you’re looking at other women. This sort of behavior is irritating to a girl…and it’s also the reason your number gets blocked.

Judging everything she says

She’s out with you because she hopes to have a good time, and that should be your primary goal. I’m not telling you to agree with everything she says, that can be very annoying, but when she tells you she likes Twilight…just leave it alone.

Constantly talking about yourself

There’s nothing worse than going out with a guy and listening to him talk on and on about his achievements, his great life, his good looks, how much he benches, etc. You need to remember that yes, she does want to know more about you, but she wants you to know her too. Women love a good listener, so next time the two of you get together try to play that role and see how much better it works for you.

Talking/Texting on your phone

When a real man is interested in a woman, he gives her his full and undivided attention. That makes her feel important. It also shows her that you are genuinely interested in her. This is the sort of thing that gets you some big points on her scoreboard.

If you are checking, texting or talking on your phone all night you are showing her just how little you care about her. On top of that, it is simply rude in ANY sort of social convention.

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