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March 21, 2012 Advice

7 Things You Do That Make You Look Shady

Maybe you’re a trust-worthy guy, maybe you’re not. The bottom line is, if you do any of the items listed below you look shady to women. What are those mysterious things? Check out the 7 things you do that make you look shady to women.

#1 You Take your Cell Phone to the Bathroom
If you’re a dude that takes your phone with you everywhere you go, just know it makes you look shady. A guy that can’t leave his phone laying around, looks like a guy who has something to hide.

#2 You Think All Your Exes Are Crazy
It’s possible that one, maayybe two of your ex-girlfriends were crazy, but not ALL of them! If you believe all of your exes are psychos… just know the problem might actually be you. When you tell your date that your exes are crazy, she’ll just think that you drove them nuts.

#3 You Wear Socks And Sandals
Who does that?

#4 You Get Calls At Random Hours
Unless you’re a doctor or a drug dealer, your phone shouldn’t be ringing at all random hours of the night. You only look shady if your phone is constantly ringing. IF it’s your buddies calling – set some boundaries already.

#5 You Have More Hair Products Than She Does
Look good, take care of yourself – yes. Have a bathroom counter overflowing with products – no.

#6 Your Inbox and Outbox are Empty
Umm… normal people have emails in their inbox and outbox. Shady guys delete all emails in order to avoid getting caught in some shadiness. OCD guys delete everything out of craziness. Women like normal guys.

#7 You Don’t Tell Her About Your Day
Communication brings intimacy to relationships. If you have nothing to hide, you’ll share what goes on in your day-to-day life. You’ll look shady, if you don’t share any details with your woman. Start talking!


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