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July 4, 2014 sponsored post

Preventable Vehicle Issues [Infographic]

Problems Of The Road

For most of us, operating motor vehicles is a part of the daily routine. Over time, vehicles undoubtedly suffer wear and tear from regular use. Because of this, simple issues can turn into massive problems when routine maintenance is overlooked. Throughout a vehicle’s voyage, many things can happen including, engine misfire, system too lean, engine overheating, brake issues, flat tires, and catalytic converter failure.

Below is a list of common preventable vehicle issues along with an info graphic that offers prevention tips.

Engine Misfire
Incomplete combustion in the engine cylinder. This occurs when the spark plug fires at a wrong time, and fails to deliver power. Issues include throwing the engine off balance and potential loss of engine power.

System Too Lean
Too much oxygen enters the engine. When this happens, there is a lack of power, rough idle, and hesitation during acceleration.

Engine Overheating
Overworked engine’s temperature reaches dangerous level. It has potential to damage the engine permanently and renders vehicle temporarily immobile.

Brake Issues
Damage to vehicle’s brake system can cause risk to driver/passenger safety. As brakes could cease to work properly.

Flat Tire
Loss of air in the tire due to gradual wear or puncture by a sharp object can make a car difficult or impossible to control properly.

Catalytic Converter Failure
The catalytic converter stops working properly due to one of many causes and will reduce engine power.

Infographic: Fueling Change - A Little Conservation Goes A Long Way
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