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Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

5 Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

Relationship Advice Red Flags 1

January 1, 2015 Advice

5 Red Flags She’s Not A Keeper

Relationship Advice Red Flags

Dating can be, well… challenging. It can also be downright confusing. While most guys find it easy, many find it problematic. Knowing what to say, when to say it, how to act, and how to spot the girl that may or may not be for you can prove to be bothersome. Even a guy that is cute and confident can find it difficult to pick up girls. We can’t help but wonder what happens when a guy actually baits a girl with one his best lines. Is it hook, line, and sinker from there?

Like fishing, occasionally you need to throw a fish (no pun intended) back for various reasons. Below, we complied a list of red flags you should look for when deciding if she’s a keeper after you have hooked her.

1. She Has Commitment Issues
Yes, girls have commitment issues. Commitment can be very scary for anyone, but if you come across a girl that seems to never want to make plans or settle down, she probably just isn’t in to you. When a girl continues to makes last-minute plans with you, there is a great possibility you are never her first option. This is not to say you aren’t a good guy, but when a girl finds the right guy she will change her ways no matter how quirky they are. You will become her first, only, and last choice. She will quickly commit to be in your presence without hesitation.

2. She’s Inflexible
Most women will easily give in to a guy that she wants a long-term relationship with. This isn’t to say she is weak, but women do compromise for the right guy. If you are dating a girl who believes things must always go her way and you are wrong while she is always right, run quick. We are who we are, but a sign of a great woman is one who is willing to change just a bit or mutually concede when she has found Mr. Right.

3. She’s Hung Up On Her Ex
We are all guilty of bringing up past relationships. It’s been said you should never talk about your Ex guy or girl on a date, but the reality is most men will always compare the new chick to the old chick. If you find that the girl you are dating is constantly talking about her ex, do yourself a favor and move on. She clearly wants that old thing back and no matter how great of a guy you are, she wants him not you.

4. She’s A Momma’s Girl
There is a lot of talk about men who are momma’s boys. Be aware! A momma’s girl is no different than a momma’s boy. A momma’s girl can’t do anything without their mother’s permission or approval. They also tell their momma’s EVERYTHING! Ask yourself, do you want the girl you are dating mother knowing every detail of your relationship? Probably not!

5. She’s Too Materialistic
If you are the average Joe, you probably like showing off your girlfriend. There is something to be said about a woman who is cute and is always appropriately dressed for the occasion. This is great, but when her existence is based on all ways looking good and having the finer things in life you may want to take a deeper look. While everyone should hope to have what their heart desires, if the girl you are dating seems to care more about luxury cars, designer labels, material possessions or things over people, you may want to rethink your situation.


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