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Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

April 6, 2015 Advice

5 Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

Reading the signs that women send can be a challenge, to say the least. Let’s admit it, oftentimes women aren’t even sure about their own emotions. So, if she’s still working out her feelings, you fellas are going to need to read some of the more subtle signs so you can keep up with her.

Men hardly ever want to be in the friend zone, especially if there is an opportunity to be more than friends. If you are wondering if she really is looking for more than friendship, see if any of these signs apply to you and your almost sweetheart.

She Tells You Everything
Yeah, we know, most women will talk to just about anyone who will listen. However, if you are her go-to ear for all her highs, lows, gossip and vent sessions, there is a good chance she thinks of you as more than a close friend. In fact, she may be using these “talks” as a way to get closer to you. Pay closer attention to how you communicate, and listen for what she may not be saying: She wants to move out the friend zone and become something more in your life. Women are very attracted to a great listener, so if she’s spilling all her secrets to you, she knows you’re great boyfriend material.

She Checks on You All The Time
If she calls and texts you throughout the day just to say hi and see how your day is going, she probably wants more (or she’s very needy). When woman consistently checks to see how you are doing, chances are she’s really into you. Sure, some friends are just really thoughtful like that. But everyone is very busy, so that kind of doting points in the direction of romance.

She’s affectionate
If she’s touchy-feely with you and you feel a certain spark, your gut instinct is probably on target. It goes without saying that, when someone is attracted to you, they feel the need to share physical contact. It’s a magnetic pull. If she is looking for more than friendship, she will give subtle or not-so-subtle hints to show that she wants more. These hints can range from touching, play-punching, dressing provocatively in your presence, and saying inappropriate things of a sexual nature. She’s not being a tease; she’s inviting you to take it a step further. Her body language will tell you everything.

She’s Jealous
Does she seem uncomfortable, even downright angry, when you talk about another girl or your current relationship? She’s probably smitten with you and can’t bear to hear about you and another girl. She doesn’t want you seeing anyone else because she wants you for herself instead. If you’re getting any kind of territorial vibe, you’re probably picking up that she wants a romantic relationship with you. Ultimately, her passion for you (disguised as jealously) is perhaps the most important sign that she wants to be more that friends.

She Makes A Move
This is a no-brainer. If she makes a move, that means that all else failed and you didn’t pick up on her previous, clue-dropping advances. It also can mean she’s a girl that knows exactly what she wants – you. When she no longer cares about anything and anyone except hooking up with you, she will start initiating the process by providing a clear sign you are the romantic partner she wants. Take the hint. She doesn’t want you to see her as a friend anymore. She wants to be your friend with benefits, as in the benefit of having her as your girlfriend.


One Response to 5 Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

  1. American Psycho says:

    What if she finds out through a mutual friend that you have feelings for her and are worried another guy is pursuing her? You have a little fight over this other guy, you talk to her the next day, she invites you over for pizza and to watch a movie, she takes you out for drinks, notices you’ve lost some weight, says your “scruffy” beard is cute, you have a good time with each other during the day/night. You end up going back to her place. She first asks if she can sleep next to you on the couch with her head on your shoulder and later falls asleep lying down with her feet in your lap? I didn’t initiate anything because she was buzzed. It was one of the nicest times I’ve spent with her, she was extremely nice to me and never buys the drinks for the night.

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