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Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus Waterproof Powerbank

September 20, 2015 Gadgets

As Rugged As You: The Kodiak Plus Waterproof Powerbank

For an active person, there’s only one thing worse than always being afraid your digital devices will run out of juice and that’s the fear of your devices getting broken or damaged because they’re not rugged enough to withstand an active lifestyle. Fear no more hikers, kayakers and general adrenaline junkies! The Kodiak Plus Waterproof Powerbank by Outdoor Tech is here and it is your high capacity and ultra-thin portable power bank that shields against water, dust, clumsiness or a high drop. It works for almost any portable device with a huge 10,000mAh rechargeable battery and convenient USB outputs.

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus Waterproof Powerbank

Not sold yet? We get it. You’ve been burned with cool new digital add-ons before. Well, take note of this before you dismiss the Kodiak Plus: Most portable batteries can’t fully charge a tablet. The Kodiak, however, can do it with energy to spare. With a whopping 10,000 milliamps of power and dual USB outputs you can use for any device (tech geeks rejoice: it has a 2.4A output), the Kodiak Plus by Outdoor Tech powers up everything you can think of from your phone, tablet, camera, bike light, GPS, speakers and anything else you brought with you to the trail to disconnect (we’re not judging).

VIDEO: Product Review: Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus Powerbank

How safe is it? We’ve all dropped our phone and reeled in terror to see the damage a slip or fumble can do only inches from the ground. The Kodiak Plus is ready for any such possibility with shock-absorbing silicone armor. Ever get a digital device wet? Hate having to buy a new one? When you seal up the top panel of the Kodiak Plus, it becomes totally waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating. No more drops that result in tears. It also comes with a handy LED battery gauge that will tell you how much juice it has left before you have to recharge. The digital game has changed. You’re welcome.

Our very own Tam (@iamSincerelyTam) carried this handy powerbank around for a solid week in her over crowed purse (girls…) and she’s sold. If you are looking for a solid portable battery charger and for more badass cool outdoor gear like wireless speakers, earbuds, and headphones make sure to take the jump over to and check them out on Instagram @outdoortech.


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