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September 13, 2013 offbeat

96 Episodes of Dexter Teaser Trailer [Video]

Dexter 96 Episodes Trailer

Brace yourself! Dexter is coming to an end. With only two episodes left, Showtime put together an awesome trailer that takes a look back at moments from the past 96 episodes as they prepare to countdown to the end.


[jwplayer mediaid=”19458″]

If you have watched Dexter from the beginning the surprise is on you. Kill after kill, stellar storyline after storyline, and some memorable characters including season 4’s serial killer Arthur Mitchell aka Trinity who was possibly the most prolific serial killer on the show, it’s easy to see how Dexter kept viewers engaged for 8 seasons. Sunday’s won’t be the same without our favorite serial killer, but we are glad to see Dexter is going out with a bang or shall we say a kill!


[jwplayer mediaid=”19459″]

Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when Sergeant Doakes uttered those infamous words, “Surprise Mothafucka?”

We will never forget John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer or Jimmy Smits who played Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado who became Dexter Morgan’s first protégé. Their dark passengers made for must-see TV. By Dexter’s standards both of them deserved to die and we could not agree more, but by our standards Dexter deserves to live.

We aren’t sure how Dexter will meet his fate (Dexter’s kill karma is bound to catch up with him), but we will miss Dexter Morgan!

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