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Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio Speakers Copper

December 30, 2015 Gadgets

Fantastic Sound In A Small Tube Audio Speaker

Today, we expect our electronics to be compact and deliver big results. Long gone are the days where we buy gadgets that are bulky and take up unnecessary space. Most of us are seeking simplicity and minimally designed electronics like the new Small Tube Audio Speaker by Leff Amsterdam. Offered as a companion piece to their bedside Tube Clocks, Leff’s new audio speaker are designed in the same shape. The Bluetooth enabled speaker features a USB cable, charger, and has a battery life that provides up to 12 hours of play.

Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio Speakers Stainless Steel

Whether you are listening to music, catching up on your favorite podcast, or talking on the phone, you can connect this speaker to any tablet, computer, or mobile device that has integrated Bluetooth technology. Available in stainless steel, copper-plated steel or brass-plated steel, these small understated speakers will look amazing in any room.

Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio Speakers Brass

BUY $189


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