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January 22, 2016 Gadgets

Braven Balance Speaker: The Must Have For Music Fans

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, let’s face it, but what’s better with the Braven BALANCE wireless speaker is it’s waterproof, has an 18-hour battery life for all-day performance, and comes in some fantastic colors…it won’t blend in and get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

BALANCE is the go-anywhere, do-anything speaker, thanks to the IPX7 waterproof rating. Need music to shower by? Braven BALANCE. Want tunes for your backyard party or while you’re cruising around in your outboard this weekend? Braven BALANCE. Use it without worry, thanks to its anti-slip exterior, but if it does get soaked, it’ll survive being submerged for up to 30 minutes at a full meter depth.

The surprising noise-canceling feature ensures reduced outside noise, while the 4000mAh battery bank can provide emergency smartphone charging. And if your hands are wet or otherwise occupied (grilling those burgers or driving the boat), the built-in speakerphone can also be extremely handy for those calls you’ve just got to take.

Braven Balance Speaker

Braven’s Boost Mode easily surges to full boosted volume. With the simple press of two buttons, you can go from subtle background sound while you relax in your hammock or read through the Sports section on Sunday morning…to a powerful, satisfying sound for a patio full of family and friends. You can trust there’s appropriate volume power to reach everyone with big sound, great bass and clear, crisp tones.

The Braven is competitively priced at $129.99, right in line with those other big name speakers that won’t survive a plunge in the drink. It’s very portable (weighs in at just 1.79 pounds), comes in a variety of colors to match your other outdoor gear (from the standard black or white, to electric lime, sunset orange, periwinkle and even raspberry), and it’s already popular in online reviews, with comments like “a great personal speaker that can take a beating and still provide resounding bass and rich sound” and a speaker to “rock the outdoors.”

Music takes you away to other places, but it needs to sound good to do it successfully. This versatile speaker will fit your lifestyle and its many musical faces…for play time, beach time or quieter times at home. Consider the Braven BALANCE and its specialized features to provide the perfect sound in every setting.


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