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January 12, 2016 Advice

3 Dating Mistakes That Will Leave you Single

At some point in our lives, we are complete newcomers to the world of dating. As there is no such thing as perfection and everyone has a flaw here and there, chances are your first few times with dating are going to be a little difficult and possibly even awkward. As you gain more and more experience, however, it should become almost like a second wind for you. But, with that said, even dating veterans make mistakes. Read on to find out three dating blunders that you need to seriously stop doing.

Mistake Number One: Your Main Focus is Your Ex.

Talk about a huge turn-off. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: your past relationship should stay in the past where is belongs. If your past relationship didn’t work out, then it didn’t work out. While every break up is hard to go through, the person you are with in the here and now does not want to have a front row seat to stories about your ex.

Also, not only does it indicate that you are not over the person whom you have previously dated, it shows that that you have barely any interest in the person you are currently with. Men don’t like it, and women don’t like it. Look at it this way: if you are so focused on the past, then how can you hope to have a future?

Mistake Number Two: Not Taking Notice of Red Flags.

Does the person you are dating show up late to meeting spots, or just not show up at all, not just once, but on a regular basis? Do they get drunk on every date you’ve been on with them? Are they angered easily? These signs, if you take care to notice them, are just a few of many red flags that a person can give off. When dating someone, it’s important to pay attention to their mannerisms, how they behave, how they speak, etc. If the person you are dating is rubbing you the wrong way, or giving you the vibe that something is just not right, you should probably start running.

Mistake Number Three: Your Topic of Interest is Yourself/Talking Way too Much.

While the person you’re on a date with certainly wants to hear about who you are, they don’t want a full blown autobiography of your life. Just remember: confidence is attractive, being self-centered, boastful and bragging are not. When on a date, it’s advisable that you keep the conversations 50/50. Talk about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, but also let the other person share those things as well. Talking too much can also bore a person into tempting to fall asleep right then and there. Keep conversations short and simple, but interesting and detailed at the same time. The key to that is being able to find a balance between the two.

And there you have it: three dating mistakes that we have all made, but need to, without question, stop making them. They say practice makes perfect, and the more you know what dating mistakes to avoid (like these three, for example), the better you will get in the world of dating itself.


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