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August 22, 2016 Gadgets

Sony A6000 — A Focus On Fantastic

Sony Cameera A6000 1

We’re definitely living in a different world when it comes to photography than we were just a few years ago. If you remember taking pictures in the late ‘90s and early 2000s (or maybe it was your parents snapping your prom pictures on real “film”), then the difference is like black and white, where you’ve now emerged into a universe of color and ease at your fingertips.

Today, thanks to the Sony α6000, you get clear pictures with quicker autofocus than a DSLR. The a6000 features superb 24MP quality that’s outrageously portable (and comes in black, silver or the newest addition, white). You can also add an OLED Tru-Finder™ and a range of lenses as your pro skills develop (which we’ll touch on later), but the star here is the Autofocus, so let’s zoom in on that:

* The extremely fast Autofocus let’s you shoot in 0.06 seconds — faster than you can say 0.06 seconds, we bet. The 179 phase detection points cover almost the entire image, so it’s class-leading, plus there’s high-speed contrast-detection that provides all-out movement tracking accuracy, so you’re good to go whether your shooting still shots or video.

* Sensors are the stars. Better pictures come from bigger sensors. The a6000 features an APS-C size sensor that provides 1.6 times the area of 4/3 sensors and 13 times the area of 1/2.3 sensors that you’ll find in most compact digital cameras.

* Forget blurry, get sharp details fast. The BIONZ XTM has three times the processing speed of previous models. It will reduce visual “noise” for sharper images, reduce blurriness and capture textures faster with Autofocus. BIONZ XTM has the might to ensure high quality images.

* The new 24.3 APS HD sensor provides optimal light collection and sensitivity with angled micro-lenses…and low light shots look natural and refined with the ultra high ISO range.

Sony Cameera A6000

The result? Capture water droplets as your dog shakes off from his bath, or the gleam in your child’s eyes as they watch a sparkler spit off its tinselly lights. If you’re more into sport outings, seize the moment “the big one” breaks through the surface on your buddy’s fishing line, or as your favorite shortstop scoops up the third out ball. Always get the perfect shot for the situation with the a6000.

The Sony a6000 gives you more camera with less to carry. It’s compact and lightweight, but thanks to the manual controls and a variety of interchangeable lenses you can add-on as needed, you’re absolutely sacrificing nothing by giving up the heavier and bulkier DSLRs. Detailed information about the variety of lenses at available at (search e-lenses).

As mentioned earlier, the OLED Tru-FinderTM EVF is one of the a6000’s pro-level tools. It allows real-time data that lets you plan and preview your shots. It provides exposure control (so nothing’s too bright or too dim), Focus Zoom to enlarge specific details, and a DisplayMode with histograms…plus more.

And to wrap it all up and show off your work, of course, the Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps make it all smarter with little additional effort from you. As your photography skills increase, add upgrades, like Direct Upload (to get your shot on social media right away), Smart Remote Control (so you get a superb selfie or you can be part of the group shot, not just stuck behind the lens). And if that’s still not enough, there’s a wide range of accessories to fit every need, from flashes, to microphones and more for that professional edge…all designed for the a6000 model.

Make creativity your constant companion. It’s affordable, convenient and the best tool yet for your photography needs. We personally use this camera and particularly like seeing the adjustments on the screen before we take our shots. We’re amateurs, but this camera makes us look like seasoned professionals with our results. To date, our very own Tam-Star has taken this camera around the world to places including: Dubai, Qatar, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, and Amsterdam to name a few. She’s even tested the Sony a6000 at a few NASCAR events.

Tam’s photos from the Sony a6000

  • Photo Camera Sony A6000 5
    Photo Camera Sony A6000 5
  • Photo Camera Sony A6000 4
    Photo Camera Sony A6000 4
  • Photo Camera Sony A6000 6
    Photo Camera Sony A6000 6
  • Photo Camera Sony A6000
    Photo Camera Sony A6000
  • Photo Camera Sony A6000 2
    Photo Camera Sony A6000 2
  • Photo Camera Sony A6000 7
    Photo Camera Sony A6000 7

Sony continues to inspire with the a6000, it simply needs your creative touch to bring your shots to life. Visit for further details and choose the one that’s right for you.


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