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August 22, 2016 Cars

Wheeling and Dealing The Decidedly Road-Ready 2017 Lincoln MKZ

Unveiled in November of 2015 at the LA Auto Show, Lincoln’s newest MKZ model has already attracted attention, with the stylish trilogy of commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey directed by J.C. Chandor. As an intro point for the general public, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ shown in their world is like a vivid dream, with all the potential of sharp controls and 400 horsepower of actual might masked somewhere beneath the smooth aesthetics of a very modern design.

The lush film-making aside, how does the real Lincoln MKZ truly ride?

VIDEO: The Official 2017 Lincoln MKZ

We were recently invited to take this new Lincoln-exclusive, 3.0 L twin-turbo V6 engine out for a road test.

Lincoln Mkz 17 7

“Not left in the rear-view mirror.”

It was a sunny afternoon to start. What first became clear was how some of the better attributes from previous Lincolns were not left in the rear-view mirror.

The enviable team of designers generously took nuances to heart, with a polished end result that ‘s almost as comfortable as a home away from home. Updated interiors with soft-touch surfaces are nice. Amenities such as fine Scottish Bridge of Weir leather-trimmed and multi-contoured seating, and Wollsdorf leather-wrapped steering wheel and airbag cover, are really nice. A grand total of seven “easy on the eyes” color schemes of ambient lighting really made it an enjoyable driving experience.

The obviously driver-focused control panel redesign with a console-housed, 6-speed push-button automatic transmission, even the intuitive re-positioning of media ports, all come across as the sort of futuristic extravagance normally experienced only by those used to the finer things in life. Gracefully managing the twists and turns of winding heartland roadways, the other drivers sharing these routes must be left with a sense of passing excellence, like brushing shoulders with high class itself.

As an underestimated rainstorm suddenly moved in, the adaptive LED headlamps, adaptive cruise control and control-adaptive suspension flawlessly allowed for complete control to be easily maintained over the four-door, five-passenger mid-size luxury sedan. The raindrops pelting the panoramic glass roof merely added poetry to the drive. It was not too difficult, behind this driving wheel, to see where at least some of the inspiration for the ad campaign may have come from.

Lincoln Mkz 17 6

“A casually victorious effort.”

For those drivers who have piloted a Lincoln car before, there is a lot of familiarity to be found here. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that the 2017 Lincoln MKZ was manufactured in Heaven, or even Santa’s workshop. Yet the smart design evolution and long list of new features including such neat gadgets as Pre-collision assist with Pedestrian Detection, and Enhanced active parking assist with ultrasonic sensors, prove it to be a casually victorious effort at redesigning the wheel. All at once naturally visceral and technologically precise, this is indeed a premium car by the standards of anyone with a pulse. We can only imagine the appeal of The Driver’s Package, which will include additional perks like aluminum pedals, carbon fiber interior trim and ebony brake calipers.

The only way to know for certain is to check with your regional dealer and arrange to drive one yourself. Experience is everything, and an exhilarating experience is what keeps life intriguing. As intriguing as whatever adventure that lies beyond that next bend.

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    Lincoln Mkz 17 1
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    Lincoln Mkz 17 3
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