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September 23, 2016 Cars, Gadgets

B&O PLAY To Help Ford Revolutionize Vehicle Sound Systems

Ford B O Play Ford Trends

The way people listen to music in their cars is about to change forever, and it will be Ford that’s going to make it happen. Starting next year, B&O PLAY audio systems will be available in new Ford vehicles, and with the help of HARMAN technology it will revolutionize the audio experience of anyone who steps foot in a car.

What The People Want

Research shows that the audio system of a car is starting to become an important factor when people look into buying a new car. Whether they like listening to music, podcasts, or audio books, a high-quality sound system is an important feature for prospective car buyers.

This partnership between Ford and B&O PLAY is a move that will help provide car buyers with the type of sound systems they covet, putting Ford ahead of the curve compared to other automakers.

Ford B O Play 2


B&O PLAY creates speakers that are both sleek and powerful. They don’t weigh a lot, but they pack a big punch, making them perfect to put in a car. They also have perfect sound dispersion, which will also work well in a car so that the sound reaches everyone, regardless of where in the vehicle they’re sitting. The innovative design of B&O PLAY speakers make them an ideal to fit to lead a new trend in giving vehicles the best sound system possible.

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Customized Vehicles

Not only will Ford vehicles be getting the sound quality of B&O PLAY speakers, but each vehicle is going to be customized with regard to speaker placement to create the most optimal sound inside the vehicle. Regardless of driving conditions or where passengers are positioned inside the car, the speakers will come in loud and clear.

The Perfect Partnership

The partnership between Ford and B&O PLAY is a great agreement for everyone involved. It’s only natural that a progressive automaker like Ford would partner with one of the top speaker companies to change the way people listen to music in their cars. Of course, those who buy a new Ford will be the real winners of the partnership, as they will be blown away by the quality of the sound system inside their next car.


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