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September 1, 2016 Gadgets


If you own a smartphone (and if you don’t, please, join us already), you know how important apps can be. They entertain you, give you important information, and help you keep track of your busy life. But what about those apps that are just plain fun? Well, that’s exactly what you get from MRR MRR. This is an app that can revolutionize the way you take and share selfies, which can help you raise your social media profile.

But don’t go thinking MRR MRR is just another silly app; this operation is legit. The designers behind MRR MRR have gone to some of the finest academic institutions in the world, including MIT. The MRR MRR team has also worked for NASA and had a hand in the creation Hollywood movies and popular games like Candy Crush. Right now, the MRR MRR app is their main focus, and doing zany things with your selfies is their top priority. Let’s see what they can do to help your selfies stand out.

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Celebrity Masks
We’ve all seen the silly things people are doing nowadays with the faces of celebrities, and now it’s your turn to join the party with the MRR MRR app. These are celebrity faces that look like the real thing and can be placed directly over your face. You will surely be able to impress your friends by showing them a selfie with a celebrity mask.

Realtime FX
The effects possible with the MRR MRR app are incredible. You can manipulate things just about anyway you want, transposing all kinds of images onto your face in a matter of seconds. With MRR MRR, your selfie will be anything you want it to be.

Realtime Morphing
This is one of the most unique features of any selfie app. It allows you to distort your selfies in crazy ways that produce truly unique photos for you to share with the world. The real-time morphing you can do with MRR MRR will make you laugh out loud with what you’re able to do to your selfie. The possibilities are almost endless.


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