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Total Frat Movie

September 23, 2016 TV + Movies

TotalFratMove.com The Movie. Yes, It Happened!

Total Frat Movie 4

Have you always wanted to know about what really goes on in fraternities? Curious about the unapologetically extreme and raunchy frat boy lifestyle? Then you’ll have no choice but to give into temptation and check out Total Frat Movie. If the name sounds familiar, it probably should. Total Frat Movie stemmed from the wildly popular TotalFratMove.com, a college website created by frat brothers Madison Wickham and Ryan Young. In 2012, Wickham and Young were contacted by producers Robert Sanitsky and Brian Ross. The producers wanted to expand upon the website and take a version of it onto the big screen. A few years later, their vison became a reality. The movie essentially brings the website to life, showing just how far one man and his frat brothers will go to save their party boy lifestyle.

Video: Total Frat Movie Trailer

Total Frat Movie centers around Charlie Martin (played by Justin Deeley), who is living the dream as the newest recruit of the legendary Alpha Chi Gamma. That dream is short lived when the rival frat, the Kappas, not-so-accidentally burn down the Alpha’s house. The Dean, Mr. Kravitz (played by Tom Green), doesn’t take lightly to this, and subsequently revokes the Alpha’s chapter, essentially expelling them from the Greek Life community altogether. Determined to bring the frat back to life so he and his frat brothers can continue to live out their glory days, Charlie convinces Dean Kravitz to give Alpha Chi Gamma a second chance. The caveat: they must pledge 15 new members by the end of rush week, and rush week starts in just one day. With no time to prepare or advertise to potential recruits, it’s a race against the clock and a test of ultimate ingenuity for the Alphas.

Total Frat Movie 2
Stereotypical yet surprisingly on-point, Total Frat Movie is a rowdy combination of Van Wilder, Animal House, and American Pie. Go see it for yourselves, in theaters, purchase on iTunes and on-demand via Amazon starting September 23, 2016.

Total Frat Movie 3

Disclaimer: “This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely ours, consideration was paid to us by Gravitas Ventures to review this product.”


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