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February 28, 2017 style

How To Dress To Impress While Incorporating Your Own Style

Do not make the mistake of assuming that dressing to impress means you have to purchase the same apparel as every other high-profile guy. If your aim is to impress the ladies and your business colleagues, we recommend buying quality clothing and investing in great accessories. Below are a few tips and a quick how-to guide to help you leave an impression while still being true to your own personal style.

Invest In Two Good Watches

Like women, men should have options. We recommend buying at least two watches so you have can alternate between work and play. Regardless if you are buying a watch for business or after-work adventures, your watch should showcase your style when others see it. Feel free to mix and match with high-end and casual watches. Try incorporating your style by expanding into a versatile style selection like MVMT. As we once said, there is an absolutely undeniable sexiness about a man with a cool watch on his wrist.

Step-up Your Tie Game

If you dare to stand out from every other guy wearing a basic black or blue suit, invest in a standout tie collection. No, we aren’t talking about those quirky ties with spades and diamonds, but something elegant that is sure to turn heads. There are a lot of great ties out there made by some very notable brands; however, consider something subtle, but cleverly unique.

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As you build your collection, you may want to check out Hex Ties, which is sure to be the centerpiece for your entire ensemble. These ties are big, bold, and flashy without being overbearing. More importantly, stick with the style that speaks the most about your personality.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

You might have heard the saying, “shoes make the man.” We can’t say it’s solely responsible for shaping you into a man, but we will say it helps many shape their opinion of you. Whether you are on a date or in a professional setting, people glance at your wrist and at your feet. This is why it is important to make sure you are on point at all times. Whether it’s your evening sneakers for a quick jog around the track, at the gym, or your business shoes for an important meeting, you should always have on a good pair of shoes.

When In Doubt, Shop By Brand

Pay close attention to brands. Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t advising you to become a label whore, but we are saying when in doubt, shop for brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Paul Smith, and Gucci. A great pair of Ferragamo shoes and a matching belt won’t hurt either. There is an art to shopping for the latest trends versus shopping to accommodate your own personal style. Don’t worry though. If you are shopping for designer brands there is definitely a brand to accommodate any style.

Remember, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to stay true to you. You can spend your cash on the best of the best, but at the end of the day nothing matters unless you have the essentials… a good tie, suit, shoes, watch, and of course a great man bag if you carry one. Show that you are a man with the means to achieve whatever he wants, the way he wants, whether it’s a solid business deal, or grabbing the attention of the ladies that pique his interest.


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